Speeding Ticket New Jersey

When we are riding a bike or a car then we have to follow the traffic rules which are provided by the government. If we violate the rules we will be charged with penalties. These fines are charged in the form of tickets. New Jersey is one of the countries which charges a lot on speeding tickets.

New Jersey ranks on the top in receiving the speeding tickets. This is because the New Jersey is known for violent driving and its police force is also violent in applying the speed limits. New Jersey roads also have many speed traps and the prices can be increased rapidly.


How Much a New Jersey Ticket Cost?

This New Jersey ticket fine is different for individuals it is based on the speed of your vehicle. The list is as follows:

  • Speeding by 1-9 mph: $85
  • Speeding 10-14 mph: $95
  • Speeding 15-19: $105
  • Speeding of 20-24: $200
  • Speeding of 25-29: $220
  • Speeding of 30-34: $240
  • Speeding of 35-39: $260

Special Zones and Extra Fines:

In New Jersey, some roads are called as safe corridors. These roads have highest accidents and fatality rates in the past. If anyone caught in safe corridors and construction areas they are charged nearly double. The fines for speeding violations are as follows:

  • Speeding by 1-9 over the limit: $140
  • Speeding by 10-14: $160
  • Speeding by 15-19: $180

when you are required to visit Court:

If you are charged with a ticket then it is no need to visit the court all the time. If you are speeding at 40mph or more and above 20mph in safe corridors and construction zones then you have to visit the court. Otherwise, if you challenge the ticket then you have to visit the court.

The New Jersey point system:

In New Jersey system some points will be assigned to you based on your speed. The points work as follows:

  • Speeding by 1-14: 2 points
  • Speeding by 15-29: 4 points
  • Speeding by 30: 5 points

point Surcharges:

If any person receives 6 or more points in 3 years then they have to pay the surcharge for 3 years. The surcharge amount is currently $150 for  6 points plus $25 for every additional point.

License Suspension:

If you get 12 points within 2 years, you will have three ways:

  1. Your license will be canceled.
  2. Taking the New Jersey driver improvement program or
  3. Request a hearing.

New Jersey Driving Programs:

If you have less than 12 points and want to reduce the points then you have to take the defensive driving course. After the completion of the course, 2 points will be reduced and you may qualify for lower insurance rates. You can take a defensive drive once in 5 years.

Paying a New Jersey Ticket:

You can pay your ticket through online or can also pay at municipal court NJMCDirect or through mail or money order.

Fighting a New Jersey Speeding ticket:

If you think that you were unfairly charged then you have to attend the court and argue your case in front of a judge. In most of the cases, a smaller violation will be negotiable results in the lower fine and fewer points on your record.